UDW Protects Home Care for Providers and Clients

URGENT for CURRENT MEMBERS: In order to keep automatic deduction of your union dues and ensure no lapse in your UDW membership, you must reauthorize your membership using the form to the right, which has updated language that allows you to keep having these payments deducted from your check.

A new rule by the federal government prohibits health care payments and union dues from being deducted automatically out of IHSS paychecks.

Becoming a member of UDW Home Care Providers Union means having access to the latest news and information about IHSS. For as little as 34 cents a day, UDW members get benefits and discounts like free caregiver training, low-cost dental insurance, and help getting your client more hours, payroll, and social worker issues.

Together as union members, we fight to protect IHSS and make home care better for everyone.

Member Benefits

UDW members are eligible for all of these benefits and more. Make sure you are a member in good standing in order to access your UDW benefits and resources! If your client is in the hospital or you lost a client and are waiting for a new one, you can request a six-month Leave of Absence by sending a letter to UDW Headquarters, 4855 Seminole Dr., San Diego, CA 92115.

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  • Auto Advantage
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